Met (again) on a group shoot event, very friendly and chatty and I wouldn't hesitate to work & shoot with him again.

Thanks again, mate! 


Had a lovely first shoot with Anjum. He is professional, friendly and the shoot was enjoyable.


Anjum is creative and talented, which shows in his images. 


Highly recommended! Thank you Anjum 


Did some commercial shooting with Anjum. Always enjoy working with him, he makes me feel very comfortable. We never run out of things to talk about.


Love his studio, plenty of different backgrounds and lighting.


I would 100% recommend Anjum to anyone, he’s extremely professional but always fun at the same time. 

Thanks again, hopefully will see you soon x


Had a lovely shoot with Anjum on Saturday! He’s such a gentleman and made me feel very comfortable. Great studio with lots of equipment and spacious, with a good range of clothing etc. I really enjoyed my shoot and would honestly recommend him to anyone. Looking forward to shooting with you again, Thankyou x


Second shoot with Anjum and it went very well again. I went to an evening group shoot, all the photographers there were lovely and made me feel very comfortable. I really enjoyed the shoot and can’t wait to work with Anjum again 

Rosie Loki

I met Anjum at the Barlow studios charity group shoot and loved my time with him. He taught me so much about what poses and looks considering we both work in different genres. Lovely to work with and more than happy to put his vision across with brilliant results. 

Harley Holmes

Had the absolute pleasure of working with this gentleman. He was very friendly and knows what he is doing. The shots on the camera are beautiful. 100% recommend and hope hope to work together more 

Studio Fifty Eight Ltd

Had the pleasure of Anjum visit the studio today for a studio day with AnetaEve. Anjum arrived well on time and is a very friendly guy. He knows his camera well and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone wanting to work with him. Thank you. Best regards Andy. Hope to see you soon.


I had a great shoot with Anjum on my Studio Day at Studio Fifty Eight. We only shot for an hour however managed to use this time to the maximum with several outfit changes and different poses. 


Anjum was organised, professional, made me feel comfortable at all times and just genuinely such a nice person to be around. It was a real pleasure working with Anjum, highly recommended!


Anjum, thank you so much and hope our paths will cross again in the future xx  

Georgia Brown

I met Anjum on a studio evening at Barlow studios and it was a pleasure to have met and shot with him. Anjum gave great direction to tweak a pose and get a great shot, I hope we have the chance of working together soon. A polite and professional talented man, highly recommended by me.

Ashleigh Rae UK

Another fab shoot with Anjum - this was our 3rd time working together. 

We shot at his lovely studio! 


It's always refreshing working with Anjum: creativity flows, great atmosphere, fab lighting and a great balance of hard work and good company. 

More amazing results I'm sure 


Thank you so much for having me. Looking forward to next time. 


My 1st shoot with Anjum and it was great. Loved every set we did and i felt very comfterble working with him. Very professional helped with my condfidance. Would work with him again. Loved it thanks.


Although short and sweet due the me only making a brief stop at the studio day, annum very very pleasant and easy to work with! Hopefully we can get a full shoot in very soon 

Katie Laura Burnett

Met Anjum at a group shoot in Urban Tiger club. He was polite, professional and easy to work with. I have come away with some great images. Thank you! 


i worked along side asnphotography during a shoot day a real talented individual with a keen for detail with a flair for work that only comes from experience.

Quiet Envy 

Had a great time working together at Urban Tiger during a group shoot day. Anjum was lovely and easy to work with. Despite difficult lighting in a couple of areas we produces some great images together!


Totally recommended.

Chloé Julia

Anjum booked in to our studio today for a 1-2-1 shoot with me. His communication regarding what he wanted out of the shoot beforehand was spot on, and he had plenty of ideas. The time we spent shooting was fantastic, and I cannot wait to see some of the results.

I highly recommend!


I had a great shoot the other day with Anjum.We did a cosplay shoot the studio was well equipped and Anjum was very friendly and a complete gentleman.I would highly recommend working with him.




I really enjoyed my shoot with Anjum. Pre communication was great so I knew exactly what to expect and helped the shoot run smoothly from the beginning. 

Anjum is lovely and made me feel at ease immediately, gave direction to help achieve the photos he was aiming for. I loved the ideas he had for the shoot and we got to shoot a variety which kept it upbeat and fun. 

Looking forward to shooting again soon! 



Georgia Harding

I applied for a casting Anjum put up and luckily he replied!! The pre coms were excellent, time of shoot was more a less exact and I was made to feel comfortable throughout. 

The studio was great, and I cant wait to see the pics from the shoot. We managed to shoot a lot of styles etc. so the variation of styles shot was amazing. 

We have already planned to meet again to work on another shoot together. 

Thank you for making me feel so welcome and confident throughout!

Definitely recommend.



Black Beauty

Well I don't even know how many years it's been since we shot last but glad you answered my casting. 

You're dead chatty and friendly, studio was warm, tea and coffee provided, changing facility for the model. I'm excited to see what we achieved. Recommended to all xX 

Shot 3 months ago



Saria Rai

I shot with Anjum in Nottingham at his studio yesterday and it was great fun. He had planned some great ideas and was extremely organized and professional.


He made me feel comfortable which made the shoot run more smoothly and I would love to model for Anjum again as it was a lovely experience !!

Shot 4 months ago



Ashleigh Rae

I was lucky enough to be selected to work with Anjum after applying for one of his casting - we had our first shoot together today.


Pre-shoot communication was superb.

Shoot day was faultless. 


I had a wonderful time shooting with Anjum, and cant recommend him enough. Super talented, and a lovely gent too. 


I'm really looking forward to seeing the images, and of course working together again. 

Thank you so much for such a great day at your studio!

Shot 5 months ago



Siani Veal

After a 5 years from our last shoot I finally got around to working with Anjum again. Pre comms were clear and informative as always and the 3 hour shoot went very quickly. Anjum was full of ideas and was friendly and professional throughout. I would 100% recommend working with him and hopefully won't be waiting so long to shoot again! Thanks again Anjum

Shot 6 months ago



Alice Mae

I had the pleasure of shooting with Anjum a second time yesterday as he'd chosen me to take part in a group shoot at Barlow Studios.


Pre-shoot communication was spot on as always, very organised and helpful. 


Anjum really is one of my favourite photographers to work with, I have all confidence that any images we produce will be amazing. He's such a friendly and professional guy both on and off camera.


Cannot recommend him enough. Looking forward to the next time! 


Thanks again for an enjoyable evening. 


Alice x

Shot 9 months ago




Anjum is the 1st photog I ever shot with and I really appreciate his work! This is our 2nd shoot and we once again created some great images. I plan on working again in the future with anjum and I cannot recommend him enough! 

Shot 9 months ago



Genius Lifestyle/ NGenius LTD

Anjum is our go to photographer for catalogue and for other assignments with the brand. so far he has worked with 8 models and all the shoots have been ART I have felt comfortable knowing not only will he capture what is required for the brand in terms of clothing or style or look, he also captures images the models love for their own portfolio


He has raised the bar in terms of work we put out.


This shoot was no different as he worked with 3 models on a shoot that featured High fashion, urban and lingerie. All models felt comfortable and images were amazing! 


Thank you Anjum

Shot 10 months ago



Had a fabulous first time shooting today! 

He was very confident in directing me to get the shots he was looking for and extremely laid back. 

I’d definitely shoot again! 

Shot 10 months ago



Anne May

I had the pleasure of meeting Anjum again, this time for a photography workshop he was running at his studio for two other photographers. As it was his workshop, Anjum wasn't shooting this time and was getting busy setting up the lighting, backdrop and props for each set, giving the photographers a great variety of settings to play with.


Anjum is respectful, professional and friendly. I worked up to lingerie level and felt comfortable the whole time. Anjum also kindly offered me a ride home after the shoot. I would love to work with him again sometime. Highly recommended! 

Shot 11 months ago



Genius Lifestyle/ NGenius LTD

Anjum is an absolute star! Answered a casting call to shoot 3 models all at different level in their modelling careers and made all of them feel at ease and confident in their craft.


Pre coms were on point and we knew exactly what we were going to achieve.


I will deffo be working with Anjum again and i would suggest you book in with him ASAP


Anjum You Genius

Shot last year



Ebony J

Amazing photographer! It was my first ever shoot and he made me feel so comfortable. Really nice gentleman and very supportive. Gave me tips and made me feel really confident. Can’t wait to work with him again xx

Shot last year



Becki H

A short notice but great shoot with Anjum again at his studio in Nottingham! 


He went in early to make the studio nice and warm prior to the shoot which was so kind. He comes prepared with props and some fab ideas and as always a folder of helpful inspirational photos. 


Each time we meet the shots get even better and I always look forward to our shoots. I could shoot all day with Anjum! Can't recommend him more, thank you 

Shot last year




Anjum attended a group shoot that I organised at David's Theatro Penthouse. He had a calm presence, even though he had had trouble finding the secret entrance 


It was really nice working with him, he was gentlemanly and respectful of not only myself, but everyone else in attendance. He knows how to treat a model and give gentle direction (which is always appreciated!)


I hope to shoot again with Anjum soon!


Ria x

Shot last year




I had the great pleasure of meeting and working with Anjum at a group shoot at Barlow Studios. 

Anjum is a clear professional. He was very polite, and was very chatty which put me at ease straight away. He allowed me to flow freely with my poses, but was also happy to give direction, and knew what he wanted. He is clearly very experienced, especially with light, and this was evident in the images seen on the back of the camera.

I would highly recommend Anjum, and I truly hope I get to work with him again in the near future.

Thank you, Anjum!

Shot last year



Alice Mae

Had my first shoot today with Anjum and it was an absolute pleasure!

We had great pre-shoot communication to get a great idea of the images we wanted to produce. 

He is an incredibly friendly, professional and talented photographer with such creative ideas.

Had a quick look on the camera at some of my images and I couldn't be happier, cannot wait to see the final edits!

I highly recommend Anjum to any model and I will definitely be arranging another shoot with him.

Thanks again!

Alice x



Shot last year




Had a fantastic shoot to end 2017 with Anjum once more he was fantastic and I love the shots we got from our shoot. Anjum is a great with what he does and always make me feel safe and comfortable around him. We recently shot again and I can't wait to see and receive the images from our shoot. He was happy to try my ideas as well as he's ideas and he did a great family shoot for me with my family and I love it. In other words you will love to shoot with Anjum if you haven't. Thank you Anjum can't wait to see what we have got from our shoot 😁😚

Shot last year



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Kay Marie

Just on my home now after a last minute shoot with Anjum.

We shot at his studio which was just a few minute drive from the station which he was kind enough to collect me from and drop me back to. 

Anjum was very easy to get on with and made you feel completely welcome. He supplied us with much needed coffee and what was nice was that he had preheated his studio to ensure my comfort which in my experience a lot of photographers don't do. 

Before the shoot he provided me with a Pinterest board of ideas which made it easier for me to come up with outfits for the shoot and from what I could see between us we had hit the nail on the head with the desired look.

All in all I really enjoyed today and just hope Anjum got the shots he wanted!

Would recommend and hope to work with him again in the future.

Shot last year



Becki H

Once again another amazing shoot with Anjum at his studio in Nottingham! He always creates a Pinterest folder for inspiration and I love that he shows me the images after each set as I think it's very beneficial. 


He is constantly making sure I'm ok and as always moving the heater every time I moved! I love shooting/catching up with Anjum, the images just get better and better. He is always very prepared and provides lovely cups of tea! 


I thoroughly enjoy our shoots and I already look forward to the next one! Thanks again 

Shot last year



Becki H

Another great shoot with Anjum this week! This one was Christmas themed. 


As usual the 3 hours absolutely flew and Anjum was very accommodating, moving the heater every time I moved and providing tea and cookies! We always have fun whilst shooting and I love having a flick through the images as we go along, makes me very excited to see the finished ones! 


A very talented man and as always highly recommended by me!! Thank you for having me over at the studio again 

Shot last year



Keira Parker

It was my first shoot with Anjum today in his studio in Nottingham and i cannot recommend him enough! Very welcoming and friendly and was so accommodating, making me feel very comfortable. I enjoyed every second of the shoot and cant wait to be back soon! THANK YOU!!!

Shot last year



Ella Ray

Had a group shoot this week and Anjum was one of the photographers that attended. I really enjoyed working with you and I'm glad you were happy with your images. can't wait to see a few and hopefully will see you again to work together in the future! 

Shot last year




I met Anjum for the first time at his studio in notthingham and i cant recommend him enough. He is an amazing person and photographer. Easy to work with and definitely made me feel relaxed and welcomed. we managed to achieve 5-6 looks in 3 hours time and im so looking forward to see the results.

so glad i have met Anjum as i now will have another amazing photographer to work with. He knew what he wanted and also was open to any ideas that i had. enjoyed every second of the shoot! thanks for the great experience Anjum 


Shot last year



The Tattooed Princess

Had the pleasure of meeting and working with Anjum at a recent evening studio shoot in Barlow.

We had an amazing shoot and I can't wait to see the photos as the back of camera ones looked amazing!

Completely professional and easy to get on with and I'm sure we will work together again in the future.

Thank you 

Shot last year




I really enjoyed my shoot with anjum, at my group night at barlow studio, he was very professional and gave me very good direction, his portfolio looks amazing, I really would like to work with him again , would also love to see images from our shoot , I recommend anyone to work with him 

Shot last year




I had my second shoot with Anjum and it was a pleasure as always, he is a great photographer and so easy to get along with. 

It was a short notice shoot but Anjum had a mood board ready for me full of ideas and we had a go trying most of them out in the time we had as we also had a great MUA working with us. 

Thank you for a great shoot 


Shot last year



Kat Fox

I shot with Anjum in his studio last week and we had a great time. His pre-shoot communication was excellent. He created a Pinterest board and arranged a hair stylist and MUA for the shoot. He had some great ideas for the shoot and gave great direction. I am sure we made some fabulous images! I would work with him again and would recommend him to other models. Thanks Anjum!

Shot last year



Dan Infinity

Had my 2nd shoot with Anjum this week.

Another fabulous day, a fabulous photographer & an absolute top guy.

I seen the edits from our last shoot & they are STUNNING!

Can't wait to go back think I'll be a regular in Nottingham  hint hint cough cough lol


Again I really couldn't recommend him enough!


Thank you for everything x 


Shot last year



Alice Winters

Had a brilliant shoot with Asnphotography today! The shoot was arranged last minute, despite this his pre-comms were spot on with full details of the shoot and what he wanted me to bring! 

He was kind enough to pick me up from the train station and drop me back off again after the shoot 


The shoot itself was brilliant, he was a gentleman to work with who kept moving the heater to the area I was working with so I didn't get too cold while working with water. We got through a variety of looks and his direction with posing was spot on! Would 100% recommend! 

Shot last year



Charlotte Jodie

I will keep sort and sweet! great guy pleaser to work easy going! would recomend Thank you!! x 

Shot last year



Shola Marie

I had a fantastic shoot with Anjum on Tuesday.


He made me feel very welcom and he knew exactly what kind off images he wanted. 


Would recommend and hope to work with you again soon 

Shot last year



Becki H

I've shot with Anjum numerous times (probably more than any other photographer!) and each time I love the photos more and more.


He never fails to help me carry my bags up to his studio and always makes a crackin cuppa. Anjum is so good at what he does. He's complimentary and also great with setting up different lighting. As always I'm so excited to see the shots!! Thanks again for another awesome shoot 

Shot last year



Dan Infinity

Anjum & I had a great shoot today!


The time passed super quick & we got through loads of outfits & looks Anjum had in mind.


Super nice easy going guy & very easy to get along with plus we had loads to talk about.


I'm looking forward to seeing our images & working together again in the near future which we are planning!


I 100% recommend him to all


Thanks for a perfect shoot



Shot 2 years ago




I had the pleasure to work with anjum and it was amazing, he makes you feel comfortable and at ease straight away. 

He has some great ideas and we got some amazing images. 

Great comms and I would highly recommend, 100% would work with again

Thanks for a fantastic shoot 

Shot 2 years ago




Had an amazing first shoot on Wednesday with Anjum.


Pre communication were brilliant, Anjum had been so understanding and happy to book our shoot for another day when for personal reason i couldnt make on the fsy we booked. On Wednesday finally had our first shoot Anjum picked me up from the train station and drive to his Studio in Nottingham, and hes fun and very professional, the shoot just flew by and we got some stunning Images * Big smile * that i've seen on the back of his camera, and cant wait to see all results from that fun day shooting.


He is a lovely person and a great photographer, made feel at ease and comfortable at all times he understood very well and was jappy to try my ideas as well his ideas. 


We produced some awesome Images, I very highly recommend Anjum to all and I hope to work with him again

Very soon definitelly love to. 

Thanks again for a great shoot Anjum first of many more great ones 

Shot 2 years ago




I just had my first shoot with Anjum and it was great, he is such a pleasure to work with. 

He makes you feel at ease and comfortable straight away. 

Great communication beforehand, we tried quite a few different styles and he knows what he would like to capture. 

All in all I had a great shoot and would highly recommend! 

Shot 2 years ago



Rebecca Berny 

Had a fabulous shoot with Anjum and Gerald at Anjum's ASN studio.

True gentleman, professional, friendly and welcoming.

Great atmosphere in the shoot, plenty of tea/coffee and music playing. 

Gave me great direction, but also allowed me to improvise.


Also gave me a lift back from the shoot which was extremely helpful! 

Would love to shoot with him again sometime, and very much looking forward to seeing the finished copies. 




Rebecca Xx 

Shot 2 years ago



Anne May

I just had a brilliant shoot with Anjum. Pre-shoot communication was excellent; we sorted out arrangements for the shoot very quickly. He also gave me a ride to and from his Carlton studio which was immensely helpful!


The studio is a good size with plenty of lighting equipment and props/materials. It even has a small changing room and a corner for makeup with a mirror and stools.


Throughout the shoot, Anjum was very professional and friendly. We shot up to lingerie level and I felt comfortable the entire time. He also gave me helpful advice on adjusting my poses and had creative ideas for each set of outfit/lingerie. I got a quick preview of some photos and they were stunning!


Overall, I highly recommend Anjum and would love to work with him again. 

Shot 2 years ago



Sarah JD

Had a fantastically enjoyable shoot with Anjum today! absolute gentleman soon as we shook hands! he supplied me with lots of coffee and allowed me to have my music on for comfort  communication was on point from the very start, Anjum gave me constructive direction as well as having a good chat and a laugh  I would say we achieved some great images and I cannot wait to see them! I felt very relaxed and would recommend this photographer to any model! thank you kindly Anjum hope to work with you again soon! 


kind regards


Shot 2 years ago




I absolutely loved my shoot with Anjum! He is such a lovely guy, very creative and takes some great images, I love the results from our shoot! He also has a great studio space to work from. Can't recommend him highly enough and hope to work with him again in the future!

Shot 2 years ago




A great shoot with asnphotography. Made me feel comfortable on set, gave direction when needed and conversation&shots flowed easily. I would definitely recommend working with Anjum.

Shot 2 years ago



Sophie Swain

After seeing Anjum’s casting call for a Valentines shoot I jumped at the chance to work with him again!


We had shot before over a year ago and he’s such a delight to work with, gives direction where needed and shoots very well (the tea and biscuits / chocolates are a plus).

We got some fantastic shots in this shoot and had amazing ideas bouncing between the 2 of us, had so much fun and look forward to getting creative again soon!

Shot 2 years ago



Sophie Swain

Yesterday afternoon i had the outright pleasure of working with Anjum.

Such a lovely man, he had some really great ideas and he conducted me very well throughout if needed. He was great at helping me with my posing techniques and he really takes the time to get the perfect shot rather than just constant shooting.


I would highly recommend Anjum to people, very professional and takes great pride and passion in his work to strive for a perfect end result.

Shot 2 years ago



Rhean Smith

I enjoyed working with Anjum today, he's a very kind and respectful man who paid attention to detail to get the perfect shots. He gave directions extremely well which was helpful! I look forward to receiving the images from the shoot and I'm hoping to work alongside this lovely photographer in the future! 

Warm regards 

Rhean x

Shot 2 years ago




I did a shoot with Anjum last week  

I was thrilled with the results, Anjum had clear ideas that he wanted to create and also allowed me to express and wear as I liked for the images I was after.

A good man and delightful photographer.. I look forward to the day our next ideas arise so we can create some more images.

Thanks Anjum!

Abi x

Shot 2 years ago



Alexis Mae

When I saw this casting go out I applied straight away & the reply was just as quick saying "yes".

So glad that I was picked for this shoot, it was superb!

It was so lovely to work with a MUA also.

This guy is a superb Photographer & I cannot recommend him highly enough. I think his portfolio says it all!

It was well worth the drive up to Nottingham & I am eager to see the results. They will be awesome!

AJ, you are a star!

Thank you so much

Alexis xx

Shot 2 years ago



Free Bird

I say he is incredible all round. A great photographer and first of all a great person. we had a great time shooting and created some fantastic shots.Pre communications were good, 100% professional.


Shot 2 years ago




I had a great shoot with Anjum and Gerald at ASN last week.


Anjum was easy going, chatty, and looked after me with cuppas . Small but well equipped studio which worked well for the shoot. 


Fun shoot shooting a range of styles with different lighting set ups, and the images looked great.


Recommended and hope to shoot with you again in future.

Kayla x

Shot 2 years ago



Jasmine Skye Rodriguez

I recently had a shoot with AJ he was very professional and is genuinely a nice guy. I am fairly new to modelling however I found him to be very patient and understanding. He worked very efficiently and gave good direction. I highly recommend him. Thank you so much for the shoot!

Shot 2 years ago



Becki H

My 4th shoot with Anjum and they literally get even better each time. This was my first water shoot and It was so exciting. Although it was very cold at times Anjum did everything he could to make me comfortable and warm and must have boiled the kettle 30+ times for me! We always get great results, definitely won't be my last shoot with him  SO EXCITED TO SEE THE PHOTOS!!x

Shot 2 years ago



Promo Beau

I've had numerous shoots with Anjum and can honestly say he's one of the best photographers I've ever worked with. He has a clear set of ideas that he wants to achieve and he collaborates well with the entire creative team so we all achieve the imagery we want. On this occasion I was a fitness model in his Carlton studio which is well equipped and very welcoming. Whatever level you're at, beginner or advanced, he gives excellent direction and allows your creative flow to be revealed. Definitely 10/10! 

Shot 2 years ago



Becki H

A short notice shoot but was definitely worth it! My third time working with Anjum and we always get fab results. Each time we work together it gets even better and im always dead eager to see the photos. He's so talented and polite and I love working with him, already excited for our next shoot! x

Shot 2 years ago



Becki H

My second shoot with Anjum and it was even better than the first! He's such a professional and has so many different ideas. He was polite and chatty the whole shoot and the three hours flew by! Counting down the days until I get to see the photos! Thanks Anjum x

Shot 2 years ago


Carmen Andreas

What a gentleman Anjum is, not only carrying my big bag up and down narrow flights of stairs but also helping me find a parking space after I drove round the block about three times. A really good shoot with this photographer coupled with ZebraRosso, professional, friendly and gives good direction.

Shot 2 years ago



Becki H

Loved working with Anjum, he knew exactly what he was doing and even had some images of what kind of shot he wanted to achieve which made it easier for me. He gave me direction and was really polite, even supplied jaffa cakes! Would definitely work with him again 

Shot 3 years ago



Lauren Louise

Great shoot with Anjum again last night , 3rd time we have worked together now  he's a lovely photographer, very friendly, he arrived on time and ready to shoot, he has lots off great ideas too ! Hopefully we will work together again soon, I would 100% recommend Anjum to any model x

Shot 3 years ago



Raven Rose

I Had a brilliant shoot with Anjum yesterday at his studio in Nottingham. Lovely little studio! I had a fab time on our shoot which lasted a good 4hours. He even provided a MUA & hair stylist, Natasha, who made my hair look gorgeous & my makeup brilliant for the sets.

Anjum picked me up from the station & took me back. He is so friendly & made me feel very comfortable & relaxed.

We had some fab photo ideas & we got quite a few sets & changes done! Very productive shoot.

Anjum is very proffesional, creative, talented

& an extremely nice man!

I can't praise him enough!

Got some great photos!

Amazing photographer. Would definitely work with him again.

Highly recommended! Thanks Anjum. Xx

Shot 3 years ago



Scarlot Rose

I recently worked with Anjum for the first time in a number of years! 

It was very nice to see him still around and shooting! He gives good direction where required and is very friendly and easy to talk to 


Anjum was polite and professional throughout, I highly recommend him to other models and hope to work together again in future 



Shot 3 years ago



Lauren Louise

Had another fantastic shoot with Anjum today at his lovely studio at Nottingham, we created some awesome shots once again,can't wait to see the edited ones! Anjum is a lovely photographer and easy to get on with, looking forward to hopefully working with him again in the new year! Thanks x

Shot 3 years ago



Black Damond


Thank you for a great shoot Anjum was professional. It was a fun day and I would recommend him to anyone and I look forward to future shoots with him.

Smile )))))

Shot 3 years ago


Lauren Louise

Had a lovely shoot with Anjum today at his studio in Nottingham, he's a down to earth photographer also makes a delightful cup of tea, we created some awesome images, can't wait to see the final edits, I would highly recommend him to any model 

Hope to work together again soon 

Thanks x

Shot 3 years ago



Jessica Fox

Worked with Anjum for the first time at a group shoot at Barlow studio, Anjum is a complete gentleman, friendly and so easy to talk too. I would highly recommend Anjum to work with and hope to work with him again in the near future, thanks for a great shoot! 😊 xx

Shot 3 years ago



Sara Najm

Anjum was prompt and was kind enough to give me and my mum a lift to the studio. I thoroughly enjoyed shooting with him as it was a very chilled out atmosphere, and he gave good direction to ensure we got stunning photos. I would highly recommend working with Anjum 

Shot 3 years ago




Anjum came to my first ever studio day today. Great pre-shoot communication and arrived early.


He is very easy to get along with, a good photographer with lots of great ideas and was very considerate while shooting.


I would definitely recommend working with him and hope to see him again soon!

Shot 3 years ago



Ella Rae

After many months of following one another her on Purpleport, mine and Anjum's dates finally matched up!  Our shoot was swiftly organised and as promised he arrived to collect me from the station and take me to the studio.

Anjum was highly professional, polite and friendly throughout and made me feel comfortable whilst shooting. Precise direction was given for each set as well as allowing me to pose freely.

We got through a few sets in just a couple of hours, had great conversation and a good laugh.

I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and would definitely shoot again.

Highly recommended 


Robyn xox

Shot 3 years ago



Scarlett Fox

It truly was a pleasure to work with Anjum at a group shoot at Barlow studio last week for the first time. Anjum was a chatty, cheerful delight from start to finish of the shoot, he was very easy to work with as he was happy to let me freestyle or throw in the occasional direction just to keep me on my toes, and he was also a true professional and gentleman throughout. I would jump at the chance of working with Anjum again, and he is highly recommended by me!


Thank you for a groovy evening,


Scarlett x

Shot 3 years ago



Angel Price

I had the great pleasure of meeting and working with anjum tonight at a group shoot at barlow studios ..

wow what a cool guy!! I had a lot of fun amid the chaos of the group and anjum was so respectful and considerate of the model .

anjum certainly knows his photography and I look forward to seeing the images ...

even though the shoot was shared we managed to get some time and I really enjoyed the time we had xxx

I would highly recommend him to work with and I hope I get the chance to work one on one with him at some point in the future x

thanku anjum 

angel xxx

Shot 3 years ago



Gracieux Love

I had a fantastic time shooting with Anjum today. He made me feel very welcome once I arrived at his studio. I can not wait to see the result from our shoot. I hope to work with him again. Thanks x

Shot 3 years ago




Had a two part shoot with Anjum - one par taking place at the hotel I was staying at and the second part at his studio. Anjum is a very friendly photographer, very easy to get on with and makes me feel comfortable and relaxed in front of his camera. I thoroughly enjoyed myself through our shoot and hopefully there will be others to follow!

Shot 4 years ago




Had an awesome hours shoot with Anjum at Barlow Studios.

He is a really nice person to chat to and friendly throughout. We achieved some brilliant results, would highly recommend him to any model!



Shot 4 years ago


Miss Storm

Had a shoot with Anjum and ZebraRosso yesterday at Anjum's studio

Really enjoyed working with him and am already in talks of a next shoot

Highly recommended

Storm x

Shot 4 years ago




I had my first group shoot at Barlow Studios and Anjum was one of the photographers. He was very friendly, bubbly, professional and we got on very well. So much so, he was the one who suggested me for the group shoot and it all became an inside joke through the night bringing many laughs. I hope I will get to work with Anjum again as we had a good connection and produced nice images!

Shot 4 years ago



Anna Faye

Had a great shoot today with Anjum and Gerald today. Anjum was professional, friendly and very welcoming. I really enjoyed working with him and would highly recommend him to anyone. 

Shot 4 years ago


Catrina Rose

I recently modelled at a group shoot at the mansion studios which Anjum attended. Thank you very much for a great shoot, Anjum was a perfect gentlemen and we had a great time! Photos turned out great and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you!

Shot 4 years ago



Hollie Louise

Had a lovley shoot with Anjum at Barlow studio on a group shoot ideas was fantastic, acted in a professional manner to gain some lovley images what I can't wait to see =) I would highly recommend he was such a nice person. Hopefully work together soon thanks callie xx

Shot 4 years ago




I did an Indian bridal themed photoshoot with asnphotography in 2014 and he's great to work with. Very down to earth and supportive, easy to talk to and he'll give direction as and when needed. He's enthusiastic and his final images make your face look absolutely flawless! 

Shot 4 years ago


Nikki Lea

I met Anjum today at his studio. Pre communications were fantastic, I knew exactly what to bring and what today's plan was. He was pleasant and welcoming and very easy to work with and talk to with a great sense of humour.

His ideas are awesome and we managed to get through quite a few sets.

I would 100% recommend this photographer and will hopefully be working with him again soon.

Thanks again 

Shot 4 years ago




what a great shoot!! I traveled from stoke to the studio in Nottingham, from my experience i felt very welcome,calm ,safe , Anjum is very professional and I recommend him 100% I would love a second shoot with him in the future  i really liked the music playing, while the shoot went on in the back ground, gives you motivation to provide the best outcome of poses/photos. Tinsley 

Shot 4 years ago



Anjum and i had a shoot quite a while back and was the first lingerie shoot i had ever done! I felt very comfortable and the shoot results were fantastic, Anjum made sure he covered everything i didn't want to show due to having a baby 6 weeks prior to the shoot and made me look amazing  We are now discussing our next shoot for when I am back near his studio way !! Looking forward to it 



Shot 4 years ago



Kat Yip 吉業

I had a fantastic shoot with Anjum, he is very creative, knows what he's doing, very easy going and professional, the results turned out really well and I can't wait to see the images when they are finished! 

I would highly recommend him to anyone and I would love to work with you again!


Thanks again,


Kat. Xxx 

Shot 5 years ago



Nicola Cordon

Had my first photo shoot with Anjum at his studio today, we had great communication up to the shoot and throughout, he made me feel comfortable and I really enjoyed this experience working with him. He's very friendly & makes great cups of tea! He has some good ideas and knows what images he is trying to achieve, he gave me direction when needed. Personally I think we made a fantastic team and produced some amazing shots. I would definitely recommend asn photography to other models. It was a pleasure, thank you! can't wait to see final results. Will definitely be working with him again. 

Shot 5 years ago




Anjum was very organised from start off introduction with mood bords and clear off his ideas and intention off shoot. ..welcoming into his studio and withheld his professional photography though out the hole shoot. ...great eye to detail and payed attention to his quality in lighting to get the shot we required id recommend his photography to any model or photographer wishing to book his studio...look forward to images and working again in near future x

Shot 5 years ago


Porsha Johanson

Had a lovey shoot with ansphotography , was very friendly an easy to get along with , was very professional , gave me lots of good direction when it was needed , would recommend to other modal 

Shot 5 years ago




Great shoot, very professional and welcoming and a nice warm studio! 100% recommend x

Shot 5 years ago



Had such a fun shoot today with Anjum! He is a lovely, down to earth guy who tells the best stories about his crazy trips!  He made me feel comfortable and gave great direction throughout, even demonstrated the poses he was after which was pretty funny! I can't wait to see the images from today  Thank you for a great shoot! Highly recommended! x

Shot 5 years ago



This was my first shoot with ASN Photography and he was very welcoming and pleasant to work with. We had a great shoot which was both relaxed and professional I look forward to working with Anjum again in the near future! 

Shot 6 years ago



Phoenix Winters Model

Anjum is a highly professional photographer who I'd highly recommend to any model. He is very easy to work with and creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere for the model making it very easy to get settled into the theme of the shoot and achieve your goals. The results of the shoot were stunning and I'm very happy with them. I can't wait to work with him again in the near future. Thank you Anjum.

Shot 6 years ago



Had a brill shoot today with Anjum, good communications on the shoot and also pre shoot. He directed me well and made me feel very comfortable, looking forward to working together in the future! Thanks 

Shot 6 years ago




Had my first shoot today in my flat and loved working with him, very friendly and communicated well, giving me direction when needed and was full of ideas, would 100% recommend, and have already booked a second shoot 

Shot 6 years ago


The day of the shoot was fantastic, Anjum is very creative and very open to ideas to a high standard. A professional who made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Anjums approach to the theme shoot was very impressive and the communication was great! I also love the location and the building of where the studio is set in, therefore highly recommended  Thank you so much Anjum. It was a sincere pleasure to work with you and really look forward to the next shoot. 

Shot 6 years ago



Anjums communications were fantastic before the shoot. I approached him with ideas and he did his very best to help me to recreate them, along with some fab ideas of his own. Very relaxed and easy to get along with. The final images were fantastic! Highly recommended! Hope to work with you again soon x

Shot 7 years ago



Anjuim was one of the first photographers i worked with when i started modelling. He is so charming and friendly throughout the shoot. I was very happy with the results from the shoot and i will be working him again. I recommend 

Shot 8 years ago

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